Caregiving At Home

Many caregivers would rather trudge on under unbearable conditions than to ask for help. In doing this, their own health suffers until they themselves are at risk of needing care. So when is it okay for a caregiver to say, "I can't do this anymore unless I get some help"?

If you notice any of the following danger signs, you are probably approaching overload and should seek professional assistance.
          • Your loved one's condition is worsening despite your best efforts.

          • No matter what you do, it isn't enough.

          • You feel you're the only person in the world enduring this.

          • You no longer have the time or place to be alone, for even a brief respite.

          • Things you used to do occasionally to help out are now part of your daily routine.

          • Family relationships are breaking down because of caregiving pressures.

          • Your caregiving duties are interfering with your work and social life to an unacceptable degree.

          • You are going on in a no-win situation just to avoid asking for help.

          • You realize you're all alone, doing it all, because you have shut out everyone who has offered help.

          • You refuse to think of yourself because "that would be selfish", even though you are unselfish most of the time.

          • Your coping methods have become destructive; you are over-eating/under-eating, abusing drugs/alcohol, or taking it out on your loved one.

          • You never laugh or feel happy.

          • Loving and caring have been replaced by exhaustion and resentment.

          • You no longer feel good about yourself or take pride in what you are doing. 

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